Sapim CX-Ray
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Color Black
Gauge 2.0mm
Length 248mm
Material Stainless Steel
Nipples Without Nipples
Type Bladed
BikePedia Item ID: 819103
Mfr's Part #: GIC-14/248.B

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Additional Items MPN UPC Item ID
Black 244mm GIC-14/244.B 819079
Black 246mm GIC-14/246.B 819094
Black 248mm GIC-14/248.B 819103
Black 250mm GIC-14/250.B 819118
Black 252mm GIC-14/252.B 819124
Black 254mm GIC-14/254.B 819169
Black 256mm GIC-14/256.B 819172
Black 258mm GIC-14/258.B 819178
Black 260mm GIC-14/260.B 819187
Black 262mm GIC-14/262.B 819208
Black 264mm GIC-14/264.B 819211
Black 266mm GIC-14/266.B 819223
Black 268mm GIC-14/268.B 819226
Black 270mm GIC-14/270.B 819229
Black 272mm GIC-14/272.B 819232
Black 274mm GIC-14/274.B 819241
Black 276mm GIC-14/276.B 819244
Black 278mm GIC-14/278.B 819253
Black 280mm GIC-14/280.B 819256
Black 282mm GIC-14/282.B 819262
Black 284mm GIC-14/284.B 819268
Black 286mm GIC-14/286.B 819271
Black 288mm GIC-14/288.B 819274
Black 290mm GIC-290.B 819277
Black 292mm GIC-14/292.B 819283
Black 294mm GIC-14/294.B 819286
Black 296mm GIC-14/296.B 819289
Black 298mm GIC-14/298.B 819292
Black 300mm GIC-14/300.B 819298
Polished 242mm GIC-14/242 153631
Polished 244mm GIC-14/244 153634
Polished 246mm GIC-14/246 153646
Polished 248mm GIC-14/248 153649
Polished 250mm GIC-14/250 153652
Polished 252mm GIC-14/252 153658
Polished 254mm GIC-14/254 153661
Polished 256mm GIC-14/256 153667
Polished 258mm GIC-14/258 153673
Polished 260mm GIC-14/260 153676
Polished 262mm GIC-14/262 153679
Polished 264mm GIC-14/264 153682
Polished 266mm GIC-14/266 153688
Polished 268mm GIC-14/268 153691
Polished 270mm GIC-14/270 153694
Polished 272mm GIC-14/272 153697
Polished 274mm GIC-14/274 153709
Polished 276mm GIC-14/276 153712
Polished 278mm GIC-14/278 153718
Polished 280mm GIC-14/280 153721
Polished 282mm GIC-14/282 153724
Polished 284mm GIC-14/284 153733
Polished 286mm GIC-14/286 153739
Polished 288mm GIC-14/288 153742
Polished 290mm GIC-14/290 153751
Polished 292mm GIC-14/292 153754
Polished 294mm GIC-14/294 153757
Polished 296mm GIC-14/296 153763
Polished 298mm GIC-14/298 153766
Polished 300mm GIC-14/300 153772

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